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To be more specific here is just a little of what we are interested in and what
I know we can do for your company.


With 27 years experience, Bycom knows in an ever changing market place of supply and demand it’s easy just to give out a book value of what something might be worth, but at Bycom we pride ourselves on giving our clients the REAL Value of what your surplus and salvage is worth, WHY? Because we buy what we sell and sell what we buy everyday. We have accumulated an extensive list of buyers and end user’s, keep that in mind the next time you have a niche item, specific purpose built machinery or stock room parts you would like to liquidate.


Please allow us to come out and give you a free evaluation, send us a list, pictures or call and we’ll go from there.


For the larger equipment to big to move whole:
We are interested in dismantling and scrapping of any large equipment, large batch mixing tanks, paper machines, etc, particularly if they are made of Stainless steel, these items can be worth thousands of dollars in scrap metal value alone there is a good possibility that we can pay for these types of equipment. We of course will supply all the labor and removal coast, leaving the area broom swept when finished


Electrical Surplus:
We have over 27 years of expertise in the purchase and removal of electrical
surplus materials and equipment. When a large peace of equipment is removed or scrapped, the old electrical power lines remain in tact and inside the conduit overhead or underneath the equipment, leaving thousands of dollars in scrap copper inside, most time these items go unnoticed, leaving the demo people to
take it or someone to steal it uncheck, why give it up for free. we would gladly pay for any and all unused, equipment specific, electrical
systems, that is no longer of use, leaving all other electrical lines intact
and in full use for the building such as lighting, fire control, offices use
and whatever ells you feel is needed in the building after the scrap is gone, we work with the best electricians to insure your electrical systems are not
butchered, leaving thousands of dollars in damage for the next guy, we have seen this happen all to offend when a large company relocates.
We will be happy to come out and give an estimate of how much your old
electrical may be worth.


Parts and supply room misc. surplus:
We are a major buyer and seller of parts, used or new, damaged or obsolete,bearings,motors,drives,
Mixing tanks, valves, sprockets, belting, heat exchangers, pipe and fittings, fasteners, boilers, conveyors, electrical breakers, starter, disconnects, mcc centers, bus duct, fittings, transformers, and other misc. items.


We would consider it a privilege to work with your Company.